Improvement Policy

Quality and Continous Improvement Policy

OMB Group is committed to quality of product and service, customer satisfaction and continuous improvement.

It is essential that the OMB Group conduct its operations:

  • to provide products and services that fully comply with applicable requirements, standards and specifications;
  • to support the customer to choose the best technological solution for required application;
  • to assure company profitability and sustainability..

Goals are:

  • to achieve no claims;
  • to achieve benchmark performances on customer satisfaction and delivery;
  • to fully comply with all applicable standards of the international oil industry;
  • to continuously improve the company efficiency.

To reach these goals, following requirements shall be applied:

  • managers at all levels shall be responsible and accountable for quality and customer satisfaction and for ensuring compliance with this policy statement;
  • all employees and contractors shall be aware of their impact on quality and customer satisfaction and shall act accordingly;
  • quality management system shall be planned considering applicable standards as well as risk and opportunities;
  • specific KPI and targets shall be defined and measured for all processes and activities that impact on quality and customer satisfaction, in accordance with this policy statement;
  • efficient procedures shall be developed and followed for all processes and activities that impact on quality and customer satisfaction;
  • regular audits shall be performed to assure compliance with procedures, standards and this policy statement;
  • all quality related matters and nonconformities shall be reported, investigated and analyzed to prevent recurrence; 
  • the management shall periodically review the quality management system, its related documents and results;
  • employees and contractors shall be properly trained to work in accordance with the applicable procedures.

This policy is fundamental for the company wellbeing and growth. Helping to fulfil these goals is the responsibility of everyone who works at OMB Group