The Elifin Group is active in the production of valves for the hydrocarbon and petrochemical processing plants, oil & gas off-shore and on-shore production and transportation and for the energy industry since 1973. 

The aim of Elifin Group is to provide a whole range of valves (small diameter gate/globe/check valves, small and large diameter floating and trunnion mounted ball valves, through conduit gate valves and triple offset butterfly valves) and offer the market a high quality product designed for severe service applications. 

OMB Valves, headquartered in Cenate Sotto, Italy, has manufacturing operations in Europe, USA, Asia and Middle East, supported by a worldwide distribution network.

Fluicon Valves was established in November 2010 in Cenate Sotto, Italy, as part of Elifin Group, Holding Company of OMB Valves and Calobri.

Its strategic location among the OMB manufacturing complex allows Fluicon to access and benefit from a wide range of resources in terms of machining, equipment and expertise.